Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

 Top 10 “Snowy Home Preparedness Tips”

With winter quickly approaching, it’s time to prepare yourself and your home for the cold.   Here are Top 10 “Snowy Home Preparedness Tips” you can use.

1. Stock up on firewood, candles, batteries, hot chocolate, canned foods, flashlights and any other emergency items that will help you when the power goes out. 

2. Make sure the windows are properly insulated to prevent the cold air from entering the house.  To test if caulking is required,light and leave a candle by the window on a   windy day.  If the flame flickers more insulation for the windows is required.

3. Have the chimneys inspected for blockages and build-ups to avoid fires.

4. Install fresh batteries and test all smoke alarms 

5.  Consider installing a carbon monoxide detector if you own a furnace or gas fireplace. 

6. Clean out any leaves, mud or dirt from all gutters. 

7.  Watering plants can be enjoyable in the summer, but it’s time to turn off and insulate outdoor garden hoses and any outdoor faucets.  This will help prevent the garden hose from   bursting if the pipe freezes.

8.  Clean and secure the dumpster to ensure wild animals and rodents do not dig through the garbage.

9. Snow is fun to play in; however, make sure there is a snow shovel, rock salt, sand and any other tools required for snow removal.

10. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the snow, hot chocolate, and winter season! 

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