Special Children’s Christmas Party | December 20th 2014

Genesis Security helped put smiles to thousands of young children at this year’s Special Children’s Christmas Party which was held at Canada Place. All with special life situations, these children were carefully selected and nominated by one or more of the over 300 charities in BC.

Special Children’s Christmas Party is a day full of nonstop entertainment including amusement rides, petting zoo, arts & crafts and a wide variety of other activities along with endless food and drinks, making a day full of fun for all these young children who would not normally have be able to.

The highlight of the day for all of the kids is the arrival of Santa, who unveils the amazing “Toy Room” that’s filled to the brim! The gifts are specially selected for each, from the little ones through teens, and they’ll all receive 3-4 gifts chosen just for them. This event is the largest of its kind in Canada for children, directly and positively impacting the kids and their families and as a Sponsor.

Genesis Team
Our Genesis Team is setting up the goodies
Special Christmas Children 2014
We are ready to welcome the children