Training and services provided through our partner in canine services,
Canadian K9.

At Genesis Security Group all K9’s working in the field are professionally trained to the highest level of proficiency, they are validated through the Justice Institute of British Columbia and constantly train to keep their skills sharp.

Through our partnership the Genesis K9 team is formed by a team of dogs, trainers and handlers who are devoted to delivering the best and most reliable services. Our team is driven by a common goal — to always put your safety first. The narcotics dogs and handlers undergo frequent, high-quality training, certification, and validation, and this gives them the skills to quickly adapt to new situations and detect a range of narcotics and or explosives.

We recognize the necessity for a heightened level of security and the need for experienced, effective prevention and protection. Adding the K9 services to our existing static guard, event security and electronic security services gives us the depth needed to support our clients in any area of security they need.


Narcotics Detection

We provide innovative K9 screening solutions for illegal drugs. The Narcotic Detection K9 services are deployed to a variety of settings including but not limited to:

  • Transportation and logistics companies wishing to ensure the safety of their property while crossing international borders.
  • Remote field camps for industries such as oil, mining or construction that enforce a zero-tolerance drug policy.
  • Employers who implement a zero-tolerance drug policy.
  • School administrators working to ensure the safety and well being of their students by ensuring drugs do not enter their schools
  • Private individuals who may be concerned with drug use in their homes.

Explosives Detection

We strive to bring excellence to the field of explosive detection, ensuring safe environments for a wide variety of clients. Some of these clients include:

  • Air cargo companies implementing policies and procedures to meet Transport Canada and Transportation Security Administration Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS) requirements.
  • Courier companies also implementing policy regarding new Canadian federal regulations concerning explosives detection.
  • Event organizers wishing to ensure the safety of their invited guests, attendees, and grounds.
  • Companies wishing to implement an anti-terrorist policy for the safety of the CEO, executives, directors, board members and employees.

Marine Security

We provide superior K9 Detections Services to all spectrums of the Marine Industry, including major Cruise Lines, Freighters, Commercial Fishing, and luxury yachts.

The teams provide secure marine safety and a drug-free work environment. For luxury yachts, our services ensure a drug-free vessel departing Canada for US and international waters.

Aviation Security

Offering air cargo security expertise to the Aviation industry, including commercial airlines, charters and private aircraft. Our K9 teams effectively identify illicit substances and or explosives that would compromise aviation safety and security. Detection K9s also screen cargo and luggage prior to flights to ensure that it is not tainted with illegal contraband. Through a strategic partnership, we can support the security operations of our clients in Canada, and internationally, with rotary and fixed-wing support.