When you leave work at the end of the day you need to know your business will be secure and just the way you left it the night before. With the Genesis Commercial and Industrial Security Team that’s exactly what you get.

We know that no two businesses’ security needs are identical. At Genesis we offer solutions that will be tailored to meet the specific needs of the commercial and industrial sectors.

Let us get to know your business and your security concerns. We’ll draw from our broad range of security and technical knowledge to develop the best security plan for you. Site guards, guard touring systems (GTS), mobile patrols, operational support, video surveillance and digital recording/storage, electronic access control, and full-facility alarm monitoring are just some of the business security solutions that we can implement into your security plan.

Running a construction site is a very demanding job, and we have found that crime prevention is often not seen as a first priority. Yet the losses from theft suffered by the construction industry each year is estimated in the millions.

Construction sites are easy targets for thieves. Large open areas, poor fencing, bad or no lighting, and readily accessible building materials and tools all contribute to this. Worst of all when theft does occur the loss of time to replace stolen goods costs money, let alone the items themselves. This can be crippling for a site.

Therefore a good security plan and well trained guards are a must, and that is where we can help you best. Protecting your site will be our number one priority.

When you contract the Genesis Security Group to secure your business or site you get our complete service, from the initial security planning to our fully trained and briefed guards.

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