Community Patrol

In 2005, Genesis Security started Canada’s first free community patrol program in Kerrisdale, and has continuously grown the program since. Three years after the start, the program size had tripled, now, after twelve years, size has fittingly increased by ten, to cover all businesses and residences between UBC and Granville Street. Furthermore, Genesis acquired eco-friendly hybrid electric/gas vehicles in a move aimed at reducing pollutant emissions on the streets of our communities. We work closely with the Kerrisdale Oakridge Marpole Community Policing Centre (KOM CPC) & Vancouver Police Department (VPD).

What do we do?

  • Respond to Community Patrol emergency calls
  • Report any suspicious activities to police
  • Look for missing or lost children
  • Deter criminal activity by our visible street presence
  • Provide advice and traffic control in school zones
  • Help anyone in need