Bike Patrol

Mobility and accessibility best describes the Genesis Bike Patrol!

The ability to travel quickly over short to medium distances, have total access to any location, inside or out, makes the Bike Patrol Team a very versatile unit. Its high visibility and intense coverage of the patrol area is a great preventative security measure giving the bike patrol a greater advantage over potential criminals. The mobility of the bike makes it very quick in congested downtown areas.

The Bike Patrol facilitates easy and regular interaction with the community.

Our Bike Patrol services include:

  • Street Patrols – Security and safety for neighborhoods.
  • Larger Community Patrols – Covering specific community areas.
  • Car Park Patrols – Reducing crime in shopping areas and thereby increase shopper confidence.
  • Larger Site Patrols – Higher frequency of patrols for your site.
  • Recreational Park Patrols – Creating safe environments where families gather.