Labour Disputes

Genesis Security is the one you can depend on when everyone is depending on you.

Be Prepared

Labour disputes are by design disruptive to commerce, but they don’t have to be disastrous. By planning ahead and taking action in advance of a contract’s expiration date means the worst can be avoided. The key is to know what steps to take and when.

Genesis Security has the expertise you need to face labour disputes calmly and confidently. Genesis Security’s Labour Dispute Team has helped some of the nation’s largest corporations keep their businesses running smoothly and their employees and property safe during strikes. It is our high level of experience and quality of service that makes Genesis Security your best ally before, during, and after a labour crisis.

Call to Action

With one phone call, Genesis Security can mobilize a security team anywhere in Canada.

Our guards receive extensive ongoing training to ensure that they are capable of handling the job at hand. Your Genesis Labour Dispute Team will be comprised exclusively of professional licensed security personnel, all of whom have extensive security experience in medium and high-risk fields.

Once on site, your Genesis Security team quickly assesses the situation, identifies your security needs, and addresses them. The goal is to blend seamlessly into your environment so as not to agitate the striking workers while also presenting an effective line of defence as a deterrent to violence, confrontation, or sabotage.