Genesis Security is a full service security company that can provide you with a wide range of security solutions to protect your business. We will help you secure your workplace, your assets and your staff. We make it easy to monitor and control your business giving you more time to focus on what’s important. Receive alerts when your security system is not turned on at night or opened on time, view cameras, control your door locks, alarm system, thermostats and lighting, all from your internet enabled smart device.

Security Alarm Systems

Genesis Security uses the latest technology to ensure you can secure and monitor all aspects of your business including:

Protection from theft, break & enter and smash & grab

  • Control your system from anywhere via the internet or your smart device
  • Protects valuable assets and secure important areas of your business
  • Reporting on whatís occurred and receive exception reporting when something doesn’t
  • Real time locating of employees and assets
  • Fire detection and panic alarm systems

 Access Control Systems

Our access systems are flexible and easy for our customers to manage. Access control, alerts and energy saving are the key aspect of our system:

  • Access key management reports
  • Manage access to restricted areas of your business
  • Promote employee safety
  • Control access permissions and remotely lock and unlock doors

 Video Surveillance & CCTV

Genesis Security works with you to understand your surveillance needs and will provide you with cost effective solutions:

  • License plate recognition and analytic video detection systems
  • Protect against vandalism & theft and reduce shoplifting
  • Improves employee productivity & business efficiencies
  • Remote access for live viewing and review archived recordings

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal Imaging cameras are well designed for monitoring unauthorized movement. Thermal Cameras are ideal for construction, industrial and commercial sites. Early detection of intruders can play a significant role in reducing the possibility of theft and vandalism.

  • Able to detect movement in low light or poor weather conditions exist
  • Identify intruders using sophisticated infrared detection technology
  • Easily differentiate between people and animals
  • Works well for long distance and wide area applications

 Private Guard Response

Our trained mobile drivers patrol your site or business in clearly marked vehicles. Any evidence of criminal activity is responded to and accurately recorded, and we can notify local law enforcement immediately via our 24 Hour Operations Centre.

  • Full site patrol and scheduled checks
  • Rapid and assured alarm response
  • Safe Escorts for key holders
  • Locking and unlocking services for clients
  • 24-hour operational support and backup
  • Customized site patrol plans
  • Professionally trained and licensed guard response
  • Satelite and GPS tracking systems provide fast and prompt response

The Genesis Security Advantage

  • 24hr ULC Alarm Monitoring
  • 24hr Dispatch Centre
  • 24hr Private Guard Response
  • Free Community Patrol – Genesis patrols the community 7 days a week
  • Free Vacation checks per year
  • Free Business Security Assessment
  • Customer Referral Rewards Program
  • Customized Business Protection Packages
  • Innovation & Local Company

Contact us or call now to book your FREE consultation with a Genesis Security Alarm Technician at 604 684 7678.