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A home is where you raise your family, keep your belongings, and disappear from the world – so the thought of an unwanted guest is an unsettling one to say the least.

New Construction

Residential and commercial construction sites can require on-site protection and remote monitoring ensuring they remain safe and secure.


On site guards and remote monitoring ensure we respond to situations that threaten our clients from loss and liability.


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Genesis Security believes in proactively and visibly doing good for our clients and community.

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What does a home alarm system consist of?

At the very least Genesis wants to protect the doors leading into the home. Most break-ins occur through a forced door.  We then address additional protection with the homeowner such as windows and motions sensors.  Monitored smoke alarm detection is extremely important as is furnace failure detection, water-level detection and carbon monoxide detection. Video surveillance can also be used to the desired scope of the homeowner. Lastly, new technology grants the homeowner greater control of their home security through mobile apps and home automation devices.

How much is your peace of mind worth?

It’s important to remember that security systems provide more than just protection for your valuables and heirlooms. They can protect you and your family from intruders and home invaders just as easily as they can protect your laptop, jewelry and high-end audio system. How much you value that peace of mind is something only you can know, but in the end, you should do your best to factor this into your own personal cost-benefit analysis.

My Keypad is beeping, how do I silence it ?

Most systems will begin beeping or chirping as a result of a “Trouble” condition being detected.  For most popular systems, beeping alarms can be silenced by pressing the [OFF] or [#] buttons from the keypad. If this does not work, please refer to your security systems user guide for specific instructions regarding “Trouble” conditions.

My alarm went off accidentally, I quickly put in the code and shut it off. I expected a call from GENESIS, but no one called. Why not?

Your system allows for a brief grace period to disarm your system before an alarm signal is sent to the Customer Monitoring Center. This gives you enough time to cancel the signal and prevent a false alarm.

If there’s a problem, can GENESIS turn my system off?

No, your system is an independent unit and can only be turned off at the control panel from your end.

Can I operate my alarm and stay inside my home?

Yes! A properly designed Genesis security system allows a separate setting for “at home” or “away” operation.

Can I set my alarm with a pet left inside?

Yes! Genesis Security offer’s the choice in motion detectors that (within limitations) can be provide pet immunity.

Does the alarm sound a siren when activated by an intruder?

Yes! We have audible devices such as sirens and bells, which are in most cases, “a first line of defense” for deterring burglars. We also will discuss with you the options of a “silent” alarm in the event of duress.

Does the alarm work when power is out?

Yes! All of our alarm systems are designed with a “backup battery” that will provide alarm system functionality for a limited time period in the event of a power failure.

Will I get a discount on my homeowners insurance when I purchase a security system?

Most insurance companies will discount your insurance rates with an alarm system in place. Discount rates will vary by provider and depend on sensor devices installed.  Call your provider to learn more.

Will my children be able to operate the alarm?

Yes! The system can be armed with the press of a button and disarmed with a 4-digit code or key fob. Individual codes can also be created for different users.

How has home security changed in the past 10 years? What is technologys place in those changes?

Home security solutions are similar in scope, however much different technically.  Wireless technology has evolved into a better solution with long-battery life.  Remote Services are available with Apps available to be connected to the security system remotely and a “lifestyle” component has recently been introduced, with integration to lighting controls, thermostats for temperature control and the ability to lock/unlock doors which are integrated to the security system in the home.

Genesis Security also uses cellular as a method of communication from your system to our monitoring center, it’s a much more secure connection compared to your typical land line. To clarify, we simply attach what is called a GSM cellular device to your security system and it connects directly to Genesis Central Station through local cell towers. Think of it as your security system’s own personal direct cell phone. Not only is it more secure than a land-line, but it’s less expensive.

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