Safety and Security Bulletin

There have been some recent concerns expressed by local seniors in the Kerrisdale are (41st Ave specifically near Shoppers Drug Mart and London Drugs). Seniors have been uncomfortable with the Aggressive Panhandling to the point that they are anxious walking alone for fear of being victimized.

The Aggressive Panhandlers have been boldly walking with the senior up to the Bank Machines.

Genesis Security Group would like to provide some simple Safety Tips that we hope will prevent you from being victimized by these Aggressive Panhandlers.


• Walk only in well-lit areas;
• Do not burden yourself with packages and/or a bulky purse;
• Don’t display large sums of cash or valuables in public;
• Go shopping and walking with a friend or in a group there is safety in numbers;
• Walk in the centre of the sidewalk, away from alleys and doorways;
• If you suspect you are being followed or being victimized by someone, cross the street, go to the nearest home, service station or business and call the police;
• Always be aware of your surroundings and avoid areas that increase your chances of being singled out;
• Report problem areas to police. The Police welcome the information and can also advise you of prevention methods;
• We would also welcome your feedback by contacting us so that we can provide extra support with our Community Patrol services.