Smart Car Patrol (2005) – 25 Years With Genesis


You’ve seen our current green fleet, and the old black fleet; did you know genesis used to have a fleet of Smart Cars? Take a look at our community patrol back in 2005!⁠

After moving to Southland in 2005, we realized there was a problem with street safety. On one occasion over 50 vehicles were broken into on Dunbar Street!⁠

Around this time as well, a European brand car called Smart Cars was going to be coming to Canada. Camil loved the car and thought that this would be a great opportunity to start a community patrol. ⁠

Genesis became the ears and eyes for the community and reported anything suspicious to police and help support them in keeping Vancouver neighbourhoods safe.⁠

[Image Description: On left; 4 Genesis Security Smart Cars, parked side by side. On right; Genesis Security Mobile Officer on patrol, waving to a family on the sidewalk.]⁠