Indy Molson (2004) – 25 Years With Genesis

Genesis has had the pleasure of helping keep all sorts of events safe for everyone attending.

One of the cooler events would definitely be the Molson Indy. These pictures are from the race which was held on July 25, 2004, on the streets of Concord Pacific Place in Vancouver.

Back in 1998, Jerry (one of the original Genesis team) met the manager for the Molson Indy in Vancouver who was impressed with the quality of guards and service Genesis gave during a large soft drink manufacturers strike.

After presenting Genesis Security and what sets us apart from our competitors; and some convincing from Camil; we ended up snagging the contract.

The client was very happy with our service and we kept the contract from 1998-2004 when the client moved out of the province.

This was definitely a big step in the right direction when it comes to Genesis Security’s success story.

[Image Description: Left; Genesis guard wearing noise-cancelling headphones right next to the race track. Right; 2 Genesis guards facing the crowd while maintaining a safe environment.]