The Team (1997 vs 2021) – 25 Years With Genesis

Did you know that the Genesis team originally started with 4 people? Take a look at the original team!⁠

The original team consisted of Camil, Ashley, Joey, and Jerry. They started Genesis Security doing door staff services in July of 1997 and by December of the same year they were working with 24 night clubs in the lower mainland.⁠

Their office was very tiny; there wasn’t much space for people inside! They had one desk, two chairs, a phone, a fax machine and a little board on the wall for the schedules. People would have to line up outside for interviews because we could fit one person at a time.⁠

Camil and Ashley have worked hard over the years and as a result Genesis Security is one of the biggest security companies in British Columbia. We now offer even more services to support more industries.⁠

(1998 – From left, Camil, Ashley, Keith, Jerry, Joey)⁠
(2020 – From left, Ashley and Camil)