Operation Slow Down: I Go To School Here

Genesis Security, in collaboration with all local Dunbar PAC and the Community Policing Centre, has chosen to take an active role in keeping the Westside of Vancouver safe by providing our Free 24hr Community Patrol since 2005.

Our Community Patrol helps keep the school communities safe by providing advice and traffic controls in the school zone.

As part of this initiative, we have launched a campaign called ‘OPERATION SLOW DOWN: I GO TO SCHOOL HERE with a drawing contest about the importance of Road safety in school zones. We collected all the contest drawings and selected the top 5 designs from the participating schools.

Congratulations to Paige Thomas from Kerrisdale Elementary school who is the winner of the schools’ drawing contest!

The chosen design from each school will be printed as a postcard with safety tips on the back for this upcoming September school term.

Postcards will be distributed within accordingly to its area to educate drivers on speed reduction school zones.

Genesis Security is proud to support this campaign. Let’s make this happen!


Op Slow down Program