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Tips for Holiday Shopping
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Top 10 “Holiday Shopping Tips”

Tick Tock! Tick Tock!  The Holiday clock is ticking!  With less than a week left for purchasing gifts for your loved ones, your stress meter may be exploding.  No worries Genesis Security to the rescue. Here are Top 10 “Holiday Shopping Tips” you can use to make your shopping less stressful and more enjoyable.

  1. Plan ahead! Make a list of individuals that you need to purchase gifts for.    If you know specific gifts then you should add them to the list.  This will prevent you from wandering frantically through the mall.
  2. Parking in the mall can be difficult to find.  It is important to park in well lit and busy areas to avoid confrontations from suspicious individuals.
  3. Avoid carrying large quantities of cash while shopping.  Use a credit or debit card to make purchases.  If you have to use cash, make sure to keep it in your front pocket to avoid pickpockets. 
  4. When using a debit or credit card that has a pin, make sure to hide your pin when typing it into the machine. 
  5. Don’t overload yourself with shopping bags.  Keep expensive items such as jewellery, purses, and wallets close to your body with a firm grip.
  6. Children get distracted by toys.   You should organize a babysitter to look after your children while you shop.  If this is not possible, make sure to supervise your children at all times.
  7. If planning to take your children shopping, ensure you know where the lost and found area is located in the unlikely event your child wanders off.
  8. Shopping at night?  Try to shop with a group of family and friends.  If shopping alone is the only option, have a security officer escort you to your car after your shopping adventure is complete.
  9. Leaving the mall?  When backing out of your stall, check your rear view mirrors to ensure no one is crossing behind you.  Fasten your seatbelt as soon as you get in the car because parking lot accidents can occur.
  10. Have Fun while shopping, and try to remain calm as you venture around the mall!

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Happy Holidays
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