Halloween Tips

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              Top 10 “All Hollows Eve” Tips    

 With Halloween four days away, monsters and goblins are preparing for the scary evening.  Here are ten “All Hollows Eve” tips parents, goblins, and little monsters can use to be safe on this spooky evening.

  1. Ghosts and goblins can be scary; however, make sure your costume is bright and reflective so that drivers can see  you.
  2. Carry a cell phone and a flashlight to protect yourself from dangerous monsters.
  3.  Masks can be fun and terrifying, but can restrict you vision.  Your creative and fun alternative is facepaint.
  4.  If you are under the age of nine years old, a parent should accompany you when trick-or-treating.
  5. Before crossing the road, look both ways to ensure there are no cars.
  6. When trick-or-treating make sure to stay on the side walks.  If there are no side walks stay on the side of the road facing traffic.
  7.  When walking through the neighborhood, travel in large groups and stay in areas that are well lit and busy.
  8.  A map is the solution for discovering treasure.  Plan your route and stick to it.
  9.  Before consuming any treats, make sure an adult check to ensure they are safe, sealed, and wrapped.
  10. Have fun and try not to scare too many monsters!

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Gensis Security Group Wishes you a Happy Halloween