Camil Dubuc

CEO and Co-Founder

Originally from Montreal, Camil Dubuc is a natural leader and entrepreneur. Since co-founding Genesis Security 20 years ago, Camil has guided his team with a well-defined vision of the company’s future. He has built a strong culture by clearly articulating goals, values, and behaviours, ensuring they are consistently applied from the top to bottom and across all departments. As President / CEO, he oversees the operations of the company, including financial and human resource decisions, to ensure Genesis delivers on its promise to clients.

Camil’s empathetic, open, and optimistic approach motivates his team and instills confidence in clients. With his extensive experience and by pursuing calculated risks, he has successfully grown Genesis from scratch into one of the top five security firms in British Columbia. He acknowledges this could not have occurred without the support and dedication of a tremendous team working together, and he takes pride in his role as mentor. In addition to Genesis Security, Camil owns Label Productions Ltd. and Genesis Tactical Gear Inc.

Community is of great importance to Camil, and he remains an active member of The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade. He also volunteers for Conseille Jeunesse Francophone de Vancouver, teaching jujutsu and archery, and is a Treasurer and on the Board of Directors for the Security Committee of the Jules Verne High School in Vancouver. In his personal time, Camil enjoys an active, healthy lifestyle, travel, photography, and film.



Vice President

Dan’s career in elite security began when he joined the United States Marine Corps at 17 years of age. He quickly transitioned into one of the Marine’s Special Operations Recon Units, where he deployed several times over the course of his five-year contract. Shortly after his retirement from the service he transitioned to private security in Canada, and there has led and developed a variety of security teams over the course of his career.

Dan has gained experience as a department head for the Security Department of high-profile casinos and as the Senior Account Manager for a major contract security company in the lower mainland. His relentless dedication to personal growth, both in his military and private career, has led to thorough training in deep reconnaissance and surveillance skills, small group leadership expertise, high level strategic planning, and the creation of detailed processes and procedures for operations teams.



Payroll and Accounting Manager

As Payroll and Accounting Manager, Alvin Fabien implements an elevated level of precision, analytical thinking, and integrity. Dedicated to Genesis Security since 2010, he has demonstrated himself as a leader, working well under pressure and within a team setting, and contributing to Genesis’s development to become a frontrunner in the industry. He first honed his strong mathematical skills through an Accounting Diploma and as a Payroll Compliance Practitioner. Alvin also enjoys photography, hiking, and traveling.



Human Resources Manager

Chris Wong directly influences the procurement, growth, and preservation of Genesis Security’s team. With over 20 years in the field of HR, both nationally and internationally, Chris provides expertise in recruitment, employee relations, performance management, health and safety, manpower planning, and HR consulting and administration. She exemplifies the importance of building a solid team environment, communicating effectively, and developing productive relationships. Her unwavering empathy and dedication continue to directly benefit Genesis and our staff.



Director, Accounts

Robert Beardmore’s dedication to Genesis Security as an Account Project Manager is illustrated by his strong work ethic, attention to detail, client-centric focus, and leadership abilities. Manifesting the company’s core value system and adopting a professional and positive attitude, Robert works with clients to provide the best possible experience, while pursuing the company’s objectives. Prior to joining Genesis in 2014, he worked for a Vancouver Island-based security firm and studied Criminology at Vancouver Island University.



Director, Special Events

A valued member of the Genesis Security team for over ten years, Colin Jamieson excels as Event Account Manager, specializing in crowd management, client relations, staff deployment, and large-scale venues. He strives to offer service and product excellence by continually developing the team, upholding company values and standards, and, in the process, exceeding client expectations. Colin’s career experience is supplemented by a degree in Communications from York University and Simon Fraser University.



Office Manager

Alisha Arora began her career at Genesis Security as a Security Guard, and soon had the opportunity to exercise her skills as an Operations Coordinator. Proving herself as an integral and enthusiastic team member, and applying skills she learned from her Bachelor Degree in Commerce and Diploma in Accounting, Alisha rose from HR Assistant and Office Administrator to her current role as Office Manager. She is adept at working in robustly changing environments, with a strong ability to multi-task, maintain accuracy, and pay attention to details.



Operations Manager

Gaganjot Kaur started working with Genesis Security almost five years ago and worked as a field guard until getting promoted to Operations Coordinator. Gaganjot has demonstrated good motivational and negotiation skills, exceptional organization, and awareness of customer’s needs; she also has a Diploma in Business Management. By applying these skills, she’s moved from an Operation Coordinator to Assistant Operations Manager. Gaganjot’s ability to work with others, adapt to new situations and set work standards has made her a valuable asset to our team.



GTG Account Manager

With over 19 years of experience in Pharmaceutical Education, Dominique Robeyns is highly experienced in understanding product and data analysis, making her a perfect Account Manager for Genesis Tactical Gear. Dominque ensures that the customization, design, and delivery of professional, stylish and safe uniforms, accessories, and equipment exceed the customer’s expectations. Having achieved awards throughout her career, she can say for sure that the greatest satisfaction is a satisfied customer. Dominique prides herself on being a team player and has enjoyed the high standards and ethics Genesis Security has set for itself.



Account Manager

Ilya Obraztsov began his security career with Genesis in 2011. He worked as security guard for 5 years at innumerable sites, worked as an OFA2 guard in 2016.  From 2017, he was our Mobile Supervisor and have trained and mentored countless guards.  He has worked premium sites, including mobile, parkade security, Security Response Team, Granville Island and parking enforcement. He was promoted to Assistant Account Manager for a premium contract in April 2019, with key focus in coaching and mentoring the premium guards, setting up schedules, conducting quality audits and checks, dealing with any client / guard concerns.



Mobile Fleet Manager

Raja Ali joined Genesis as Mobile Fleet Supervisor in Dec 2017. Besides being responsible for the smooth functioning of the Mobile fleet, drivers and sites, he also does site inspections – checking on guards’ patrols and performance, dress and deportment.  Raja was promoted to Mobile Fleet Manager in September 2020, overseeing recruitment, training, and mentoring of new and existing mobile staff, as well as anything related to the fleet cars, maintenance, schedules, concerns, needs.

Raja has a Masters’ degree in Administrative Science in Human Resources, and been in security from 2015, in field and mobile supervisory positions.



Assistant Account Manager

Tripat Jot Sandhu joined Genesis Security in 2022 as a Security Guard and quickly demonstrated his value in working as an Operations Coordinator and Event Supervisor. He carries an amicable attitude, keen attention to detail and outstanding performance throughout his duties. Tripat is responsible for assisting Account Managers and the Director of Accounts in their management of key contracts throughout Genesis. Tripat has a Diploma in General Studies from Kwantlen Polytechnic University and has prior experience of working as an Operations Manager at Handy Appliances where he learned great client relation skills, communication skills and leadership skills..