Company Story

We all have a responsibility to one another

For over two decades, Genesis Security Group has been a leading pioneer in BC’s security industry serving both public and private clients. Genesis Security protects clients and the community from loss, liability, the malicious, and the unexpected. Through a focus on staff and client training, Genesis serves clients with professionalism and technical solutions offered with a human touch.

Core Values


We take pride in our work, and practice integrity as individuals and a company
We believe in proactively and visibly doing good for our clients and community
We deliver fact-based solutions with empathy and a personal touch


We shield businesses from loss and liability
We protect homes and families from the unexpected
We create a safe environment, and act decisively on emergencies


We listen to and advise our clients with care
We provide customer service above and beyond expectations
We share our expertise and experience for the best client solutions


We support and stand behind our staff with ongoing training
We educate our clients to ensure their safety and satisfaction
We grow and develop our team with direction and goals


We are responsible for the safety of our clients
We share our processes and reports with transparency
We over-deliver the value of our client’s investment


We hire for attitude and train for skills
We train our staff to know and uphold our values
We help our staff achieve their career goals

Our Story

We shield our clients from loss and liability, the malicious and the unexpected.

Ensuring the safety and security of our communities is the duty of every citizen. We all have a responsibility to respect the needs and integrity of one another. This belief has been the driving force from the beginning of the success of Genesis Security.

Twenty years later, we are now one of the largest private security companies in BC serving public and private clients.

We always strive to be visibly proactive in doing good for our clients and community, and invite feedback from all our stakeholders. We do this because we believe the best strategy is prevention, not cure.

With roots in managing the security of large, complex events held in stadiums and convention centers, we have evolved into leading providers of security services for residential, commercial, and government sites.

We shield our clients from loss and liability, and from the malicious and unexpected. We service their needs with everything from mobile and community patrols to security guards and concierges who are ready to act decisively on emergencies with expertise and experience. Our strategic partnerships with municipalities, educational institutes, and community leaders enable us to continue striving for the greater good.

Each member of our team is an approachable brand ambassador, hired based on our ethics and values of empathy and integrity. This is at the heart of everything we do. We constantly provide training opportunities to support staff development in order to serve our clients at the highest levels of professionalism.

Developments in technology have led us to offer the latest in residential and commercial alarm monitoring systems. This has allowed our clients to adopt the freedom of more independent and self-monitoring systems.

The value of our work is readily demonstrated through our transparent processes and accurate reporting. Everything we do is dedicated to creating a safe environment in all of the communities and neighborhoods we operate in.

As a modern security company, we offer cutting-edge technical solutions and get the job done with a human touch. We listen to and advise our clients with care. And last but not least, we take pride in our work and deliver on our promises.