Celebrating Diversity & Protecting Community.

We are not just employees at Genesis, we are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and much more. We share our neighbourhoods with the people around us and we all have a responsibility to respect the needs and integrity of one another.

We're active in the community and our goal is to help those in need.


The Genesis team has many women doing great work! It is our goal to employ and support where we can.


Positive role models and a guiding hand in the face of bullying and self-defence are a part of our mission.


With any luck we will all become senior citizens one day – it is our duty to help and support where we can.


Through training and/or employment we are reaching out to kids who need a hand up.


Our dedicated team

The internal team works closely with our staff and partners to ensure that we are doing the best we can and staying true to our vision. We are always looking for support and opportunities. Please feel free to reach out and start a conversation with us.

Our Contributions


Staff Volunteer Hours
48 Hours

Featured Charity

At Genesis Security, corporate social responsibility aligns with our core belief of doing good for our community. Being an active participant and making a difference through a variety of charity foundations and community focused organizations is central to Genesis Security’s legacy and commitment of giving back.

In September, along with 1,500 riders Genesis participated in Make A Wish Foundation’s 48 Hour Bike Challenge for the second year in a row. Team members taking turns riding at the Montreal Mirabel Airport’s track was an emotionally charged experience.  As one of the top fundraisers, the team provided hope and strength by raising enough money to grant the wish of one lucky child.  Genesis take pride in being able to give back and continue building strong lasting relationships in its community.

Our Partnership

Teamwork and common goals are the keystone to any projects success. We are always looking for community groups doing great things and found that with this lovely collection of people.

Helping people gain skills is at the core of our business and that made the decision to support Make a Wish an easy one.

Where we began

Right from the beginning, Genesis chose to play an integral part in the community. Our goal has always been focused on ensuring the safety of our families and homes by patrolling the streets of our community and thus maintaining a secure environment for all.

Over the years, we have shown our commitment by developing innovative services that really make a difference in our communities, like the Community Support Program and the Free 24/7 Community Patrol Program, the first of its kind in Canada.

In August 2007 Genesis started the Community Support Program to add value to our community and develop a strong relationship with its residents. Through this program, Genesis supports community events and even lends a helping hand. We take a practical approach and lend local event organizers our equipment like tents and radios. We also offer security advice and graciously provide security guards to help keep our neighborhood events safe and secure. It’s a great way to foster strong bonds within our community and support local events.

We would love to hear about your upcoming events and be a part of it.

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