Community Campaign | Operation Slow Down: I Go To School Here!

Operation slow downOctober 27, 2014 | At Genesis Security we pride ourselves on making our communities safe. We are pleased to announce, in partnership with KOMCPC, Dunbar Residents’ Association, ICBC, Southlands Insurance & VSB, we have co-created a campaign called ‘OPERATION SLOW DOWN: I GO TO SCHOOL HERE’ similar to the ‘THINK OF ME’ Surrey and Langley RCMP Campaign in 2012.
This campaign is a joint community initiative involving local organizations and 6 schools. We are proud to sponsor and take an active role in our community by providing our FREE 24hr Community Patrol.

On Thursday October, 30th | we will join KOMCPC and ICBC to create awareness to reduce speed in school zones and we will distribute the ‘Safety postcard’ that we had created for this occasion. We hope other schools should join us on that campaign and create a consistent message around each school!

Help us by supporting this campaign!