Celebrating 10 Years Free 24/7 Community Patrol Program

April 23, 2015

Vancouver, April 23, 2014 | To celebrate 10 years of Canada’s first 24/7 free community patrol program in Vancouver’s west side, patrols are doubled for a month. This increased presence runs from April 24th to May 24th, as a month-long celebration which will culminate in a community celebration at the 18th Annual Salmonberry Days Community Festival in Dunbar. In 2005, Genesis Security started the free community patrol program in Kerrisdale, and has continuously grown the program since. Three years after the start, the program size had tripled, now, after ten years, size has fittingly increased by ten, to cover all businesses and residences between UBC and Granville Street.

Camil Dubuc, President and CEO of Genesis Security Group, believes that it is all our responsibility to keep the community and each other safe. Not necessarily by getting involved in everything you might see, but as a group working together. “Noticing suspicious activity, acting as a witness, reporting an incident, or just lending a helping hand are a few examples of how to become more proactive.” says Dubuc.

In November 2014, Genesis Security’s fleet of patrol vehicles was entirely renewed in order to enhance visibility and the deterrent value of the patrol. Furthermore, Genesis acquired eco-friendly hybrid electric/gas vehicles in a move aimed at reducing pollutant emissions on the streets of our communities.

Free eyes and ears add a layer of security to what police do. Genesis Security professionals pay attention to nuisance vagrants, respond to Community Patrol emergency calls, help find missing or lost children and respond to any suspicious activities. Genesis Security staff collaborates with Kerrisdale Oakridge Community Policing Centre (KOMCPC) and provide advice and traffic control in school zones.

Genesis Security would like to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its Community Patrol Program with the entire community. To remind the community of the presence of a Genesis Security patrol in their area, Genesis Security will celebrate this anniversary with the community at the 18th Annual Salmonberry Community Fair on Sunday May, 25th from 11am to 3pm. Live & free entertainment for family.