Diversity and rich culture.

A reflection of the communities we serve.

Our yearly December celebration is a snapshot of the diversity that makes up this company, many religions, backgrounds, stages of life, colours of skin, and of course languages create the soul of who we are. We are Canadian by definition and represent a beautiful cross-section of this countries culture. (We sometimes call it the Christmas dinner – but really – it is an inclusive celebration of the people that make this company possible.)
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A sense of community.

Our goal is for every member of Genesis to be an ambassador of safety for our communities and a shield against loss and liability for our customers. The safe environments we create today will build the relationships that carry our success into the future.



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Proactively doing good for our community

We shield our clients from loss and liability, and from the malicious and unexpected.

Women protecting our community

It is easy to think that the security industry is a ‘mans only’ playground however reality tells a different story. At Genesis we share our company with women from our head office all the way to the front lines, the reason is simple – security is less about muscle than it is about knowledge. From de-escalation and site monitoring to personnel training and leadership the right person for the role is niether a man or a women – it is simply the ‘right person’.


We’re ambassadors of safety, of family, and we’ve been doing it for twenty years. We listen to, and advise our clients with care, we live in your neighbourhoods, and we are part of your communities. We are here to keep you safe.