At Genesis Security Training Academy our instructors are experienced, have up to date knowledge in the security field and are certified to teach by the Justice Institute of B.C.

Shirley LeVatte-Killen

Shirley LeVatte-Killen is our in-house instructor teaching the Basic Security Training (BST) program. Shirley has been teaching BST for 13 years and has a thorough knowledge of the subject. She has been with the Genesis Training Academy for the last six years. She is also a certified Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Instructor for the Genesis Security Training Academy.

I can’t express enough how thankful I am to have had an instructor as kind and personable as yourself. Thank you for your time and your effort towards our class! It was a pleasure learning with you, and your lectures where really beneficial towards my success! You are a value added to the course.
James Escamilla – BST Student

D.J. Marks

D.J. Marks  is our in-house instructor teaching the Advanced Security Training (AST) program.

The course was extremely professional with excellent instructors. They used the latest methods and techniques. I recommend this training!
Carlos Gonzalez – AST Student