Above and Beyond

Well Done Bonnie!

Bonnie our Genesis Security employee, working with the South Granville Ambassador program received a letter of accommodation for her outstanding work, by going above and beyond in saving a life of an elderly lady.

Bonnie noticed that an elderly woman who she often talks to and provides safe walks to in her zone had not been seen for 3 days. Bonnie knew where the elderly lived and took it upon herself to check up on her at her apartment. She contacted the building manager several times when he finally he agreed to go up to the apartment. They went up together to the elderly lady’s apartment and found her on the floor with a broken hip.
The lady was half-conscious asking for food and water, suggesting that she may have been on the floor for a couple days. Bonnie called an ambulance where she was then taken to the hospital for treatment.

Bonnie is, of course, incredibly modest about all this. Her attitude is that it’s just part of the job, but what she did is way more than just her job.

Thank you Bonnie!