10 Condo Safety Tips

Condo living has become more popular over the years. With the increase of housing prices, condos may be a more affordable option for people purchasing a home in the lower mainland. Here are 10 tips on condo safety in being more cautious and aware of what is around you and how to prevent crime.

Image Credit: Pixabay.com
  • Know who you are letting in. Sometimes we just want to be good neighbours and hold the doors open. However, make sure you and any guests you allow in the building are only letting people in who you know live in the building.
  • Get to know your neighbours. As busy as life makes us, it is important to get to know your neighbours so you all can work together to make sure everyone is keeping an eye out for what is happening around your home for everyone’s safety.
  • Be aware of suspicious behavior. Notify your building manager and/or security staff on site. However, if it is a more serious matter, notify the authorities.
  • Always lock up. You may think leaving your door open for a quick minute while you take out the trash is a good idea but that leaves time for your home to be vulnerable to thieves or other unwanted guests.
  • Be mindful of the parking garage. Always make sure you allow time for the gate to close behind you before you drive away. This helps ensure that others who don’t live in the building cannot get access in through the garage.
  • Keep your buzzer ID simple. Leaving your buzzer ID as your initials or your last name helps to reduce the chance of someone pretending to know you to get access into the building.
  • Know your exits. In case of an emergency, it is very important to know what the evacuation plan is. Emergencies are unpredictable- so be prepared!
  • Use your peephole. Even if you are expecting someone over, it doesn’t hurt to take a peep at who is at your door before opening it. If you don’t have a peephole, it may be a good idea to have on installed for your safety.
  • Change your lock. If you are new to a building, ensure that you change your lock just in case the previous tenant still has a copy of the key.
  • Make sure lights are replaced. If you ever see burnt out lights in hallways, stairwells, the parking garage etc. notify your building manager about it. Lighting is a way to help in the prevention of crime and increase the safety in and around the building.

There you have it! A few great tips on how you and your loved ones can take preventative measures in ensuring your safety!