At Genesis Security Training Academy we have one BST instructor and one AST instructor. Our instructors have excellent experience and knowledge in the security field, and have been approved to teach by the Justice Institute of B.C.


Shirley LeVatte-KillenShirley LeVatte-Killen is our in-house instructor teaching the Basic Security Training (BST) program. Shirley has been teaching BST for 12 years and has a thorough knowledge of the subject. She has been with the Genesis Training Academy for the last five years. She is also a certified Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Instructor for Genesis Security.

I can’t express enough how thankful I am to have had an instructor as kind and personable as yourself. Thank you for your time and your effort towards our class! It was a pleasure learning with you, and your lectures where really beneficial towards my success! You are a value added to the course.

James Escamilla – BST Student




AST Training AcademyThe Advanced Security Training (AST) class is delivered by the Tactical Fusion Group. They provide comprehensive and professional training and instruction for law enforcement, military and civilian personnel using cutting-edge methods and techniques. Their instructors are highly experienced, have a background in the military or the police, and are law enforcements experts.

The course was extremely professional with excellent instructors. They used the latest methods and techniques. I recommend this training!

Carlos Gonzalez – AST Student