Training Academy

Genesis Training Academy offers Basic and Advanced Security Training Courses (BST and AST), required to become a Licensed Security Professional in British Columbia. Our certified training instructors will cover all aspects of the security business for both residential and commercial properties.

The education received at the Genesis Security Training Academy follows Provincial and Federal government standards and is approved by the Justice Institute of BC. Graduating from the BST and AST courses prepares individuals for employment and helps them work in a supervisory role, perform crowd control, and deliver superior security services. At the Genesis Security Training Academy, we boast a high scoring rate with 85% of our students passing their BST exam.



Better performance

The BST and AST courses are highly recognized by BC employers. And students who graduate at the Genesis Training Academy will be well equipped to find and maintain employment in a fast growing sector. So, if you are considering becoming a security guard, choose the Genesis Training Academy!

Where are we located

310-1770 Burrard Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604 669 0822