Patrol Security

Today security is no longer optional, it is a necessity. It is a top concern for every home, business owner and executive.

With the principle function of protecting our clients and their property, Genesis Security Group provides you with the security to feel safe in your home or business. The Genesis advantage lies in our ability to provide superior security services at a very cost effective rate. Far too often home owners and business owners will forgo adequate, or any security measures because they think it will cost them too much. We have changed that. A high quality security service you can afford is available through the Genesis Mobile Team.

The mobile services we provide are effective for everyone. They include the dispatching of Mobile Guards, Foot Patrol, Bike Patrol, Mobile Patrol, Alarm Response, and our Free Community Patrol.

The Genesis Mobile Team now not only services large businesses and corporations, but offers all homes, and small and medium-sized businesses access to mobile security services. Giving you the right service with the best quality is what we do.

Our Mobile Services include:


Prevention is the best form of security! Genesis Security’s Foot Patrol Team provides a visible presence on the street. The Foot Patrol guards are hands-on with any issues that may occur. Our guards are courteous and professional when interacting with the public. Building relationships with people and businesses within their patrol area is just one part of their mandate. This type of visible community connected patrol in addition to the frequency with which they patrol is a powerful deterrent to criminals and disruptive behaviours

Foot Patrol services include:

  • Street Patrols – Security and safety for neighbourhoods.
  • Community Patrols – Covering specific community areas.
  • Retail Street Patrols – Reducing crime in shopping areas – increasing shopper confidence.
  • Recreational Park Patrols – Creating a safe environment in pulic areas where families gather.


Mobility and accessibility best describes the Genesis Bike Patrol!

The ability to travel quickly over short to medium distances, have total access to any location, inside or out, makes the Bike Patrol Team a very versatile unit. Its high visibility and intense coverage of the patrol area is a great preventative security measure giving the bike patrol a greater advantage over potential criminals. The mobility of the bike makes it very quick in congested downtown areas.

The Bike Patrol facilitates easy and regular interaction with the community.

Our Bike Patrol services include:

  • Street Patrols – Security and safety for neighborhoods.
  • Larger Community Patrols – Covering specific community areas.
  • Car Park Patrols – Reducing crime in shopping areas and thereby increase shopper confidence.
  • Larger Site Patrols – Higher frequency of patrols for your site.
  • Recreational Park Patrols – Creating safe environments where families gather.


At Genesis Security, our mobile drivers are some of the most experienced security employees available, so you can rest assured that your homes and businesses are kept safe and secure. We equip our drivers with everything they need to ensure a reliable quality service at all times.

Operational Support

Our Mobile Patrol is backed up by constant communication with the Genesis 24 Hour Operations Centre enabling us to provide a totally reliable service at all times. Cellular telephones, two way radios and GPS (Global Positioning System) locators are enabled on our vehicles and allow our operations staff to verify the mobile patrol driver’s status and location at all times.






Our Mobile Patrol services include:

  • Mobile Patrol – Our trained mobile drivers patrol your site or property in clearly marked vehicles. Any evidence of criminal activity is accurately recorded, and we notify local law enforcement immediately via our 24-hour Operations Centre when necessary. With the Genesis Mobile Patrol the following services are available:Full site patrol and checks
    • Rapid response
    • Safe escorts for key holders
    • Locking and unlocking services for clients
    • 24 hour operational support and backup
  • Alarm Response – The moment your alarm signal is received at our ULC-rated monitoring station, we dispatch the response team to proceed to your home or business to investigate, then we call you. Once a full investigation of the home or business has been made we then report back to our Operation Centre, to you, and if necessary to the police, depending on the situation.
  • Holiday Home Checks – While you are away on holiday or business our mobile patrol team will do a full perimeter security check of your home ensuring the house is secure. The additional services of internal checks, mail pick-up and junk mail disposal are also available in certain areas.