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The Genesis Security Alarm Team offers both alarm monitoring and response services in an unbeatable monthly rate.

If you currently have an alarm system and it is monitored by another alarm company, consider us as an alternative and let us take care of everything for you. If you are more than happy with your current company, consider adding our Alarm Response Team and get total peace of mind.

Switching over to Genesis Security is easy and totally hassle-free. With one quick call, a Genesis Security Technician can install a home alarm system that’s right for you – or easily swap over your existing alarm to our ULC rated monitoring.
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Choose Genesis Security as your total security solution.

How It Works

Alarm Monitoring

The monitoring station receives your alarm signal, a Genesis car is immediately dispatched to your home, and the operator then phones the property to confirm the alarm. (At Genesis, every alarm signal is treated as a real alarm.)

If the owner is not reachable, the Genesis Response Team proceeds to your home. If the alarm is confirmed as being false, the operator will advise you or your emergency contacts at once.

Alarm Response

The Genesis Response Team is dispatched to your home or business as soon as an alarm signal is received at the monitoring station. Once the situation is assessed we contact you with a full report on the situation. A report is filed with a copy given to you.

Our number one priority is to keep you safe!

You must agree the most important factor of being monitored is the swiftness with which you can get someone on site. Now with so many false alarms the Vancouver Police Department (along with a number of other municipalities) will only respond after a key holder has been reached and will meet them on site.

This additional step clearly delays the response time and is not acceptable. More importantly, someone you care about is being sent to a potentially dangerous situation where criminals could still be present.

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