Who we are

    The Genesis Security Group has chosen a very specific role to play in the Community, and regardless of where we are or the type of security service we provide, we always have the same vision of what that role is.

    Our Vision Statement

    “At Genesis Security Group our vision is to work with the community and create a safe environment in which we all can live.”

    “Genesis, a new beginning.”

    We envision Genesis as an integral part of the community. We continuously strive to help everyone work together to create a safer and more enjoyable environment. We have shown ourselves to be security-industry pioneers with innovative ideas such as our Free 24 Hour Community Patrol Program, the first of its kind in Canada. This not only shows our unique approach to security, but our dedication and commitment to creating a better community.

    These fundamental principles have become the very foundation of Genesis Security’s business philosophy. It is this philosophy that we have applied to building lasting relationships with all our customers and the communities we work in. Building lasting relationships means building trust, and you earn trust by following through on your word.

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