At Genesis we want to provide you with the best possible service, and one of the best ways for us to help you is to answer all your questions.

    Please email us any questions you might have, even the tough ones.

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    About Genesis FAQ

    • Why was Genesis Security started?

      Genesis Security was started so we could redefine the security industry and build a security company that put both the client and the community first.

    • Who founded Genesis Security?

      Genesis Security was founded by Camil Dubuc.

    • Where is Genesis Security?

      Genesis Security is located at Suite 310 – 1770 Burrard Street, Vancouver BC V6J 3G7.

    • When was Genesis Security founded?

      Genesis Security opened its doors in January 1998.

    • What training does Genesis Security provide to its security guards?

      Genesis Security provides:

      • BST 1 & 2 – The basic training required to be a security guard
      • OFA 1 – First Aid
      • Superhost – Customer services training – BC Tourism
      • Tactical Training – Confrontation techniques, Control Techniques
    • What is Genesis Security’s Vision Statement

      At Genesis Security Group our vision is to work with the community and create a safe environment in which we all can live. Genesis, a new beginning.

    • What does Genesis Security do?

      Genesis Security provides a range of security services from guard services to mobile security to alarm services to security training.

    • Is Genesis Security public or private?

      Genesis Security is a private company.

    • How many people work at Genesis Security?

      As of June 2008 there are approximately 600 full-time and part-time employees at Genesis Security.

    • Has the Genesis Security Group won any awards?

      Yes, the Genesis Security Group has won:

      • The Consumer Choice Award 2007 for the Best Security Service Provider
      • The Consumer Choice Award 2008 for the Best Security Service Provider
      • Top Choice Award 2007 for the Top Referred Security Provider in Vancouver
      • The Now Regional Newspaper Readers’ Award 2008 for Best Security Company
      • Top Choice Award 2009 for Best Security Services in Vancouver
    • Does Genesis Security provide security outside of Vancouver?

      Yes, Genesis Security has provided security across Canada.

    Community Patrol FAQ

    • Your competitors say this service is already being offered. What do you say to that?

      There are many security companies that have patrols and respond to alarms from customers who purchase their monitored security systems. But there are no security guards that are dedicated to a specific defined neighborhood who will respond to requests for assistance from anyone in that community regardless of whether or not they are a paying customer or not. The response time will always be in minutes. This is how the Genesis Community Smart Patrol is unlike any other service in the country.

    • You say you will respond to citizen’s concerns. How will you respond?

      Community Patrol security guards will be patrolling the area around the clock, seven days a week. We will respond to any requests from citizens in that area to assist them with security concerns. We still of course urge people to always call 911 first if a situation warrants an emergency response.

    • Where is this neighborhood?

      The area covered runs form Granville Street to UBC and from the Downtown area to 72nd Avenue.

      Update Oct 2007

      The Community Patrol Program has now been expanded to three times its original size. For more information on the expansion and the areas Genesis covers, go to the Community Patrol web page.

    • When you say free, is there no charge at all?

      Genesis Security is committed to paying the cost the security mobile cars, the equipment and the fully trained and licensed security guards that will be dedicated to this neighborhood on a 24/7 basis. Business operators and home ownwers will indirectly help support this program by subscribing to our monitored alarm service and any other security services that we provide at competitive prices. But there is absolutely no obligation to anyone in our patrol areas.

    • What is the Community Smart Patrol?

      The Community Smart Patrol is a free one-year pilot mobile security guard program using licensed security guards patrolling a 25-block neighborhood in Smart cars equipped with GPS, cameras and laptop computers. The security guards will report any suspicious activities around residences and businesses to police and respond to requests from any citizen in that area who has security concerns, needs advice or assistance.

    • What does the community and the police think of this?

      We believed people would support any initiative that assists in maintaining a safe environment for people to live, visit and do business. We have received nothing but encouragement from all areas for our Community Patrol service.

    • What do you think the results are going to be?

      We believe residents and business operators in this neighborhood will recognize the value of these round-the-clock security patrols and support our efforts. We offer a complete range of home and business security services including monitored alarm systems costing as little as $1 a day. With that comes the quick response from our security guards dedicated only to this community.

      Update Oct 2007

      The Community Patrol Program has now been expanded to three times its original size. For more information on the expansion and the areas Genesis covers, go to the Community Patrol web page.

    • Security patrolling alreay exists, what is new here?

      This is the first fully dedicated neighborhood security patrol in the country with security guards always in the community ready to respond to security concerns from any citizen. Typically, security companies only respond to clients who pay for monitored alarms or specialized services.

    • If people don’t sign up for your Alarm Service, will you cancel the program?

      We are committed to run this program for a full year and Genesis Security will do that regardless of the level of support shown by the community. We know there is a big demand for dedicated neighborhood security because people have been asking for this and we firmly believe the Community Smart Patrols will have widespread community support.

      Update Oct 2007

      The Community Patrol Program has now been expanded to three times its original size. For more information on the expansion and the areas Genesis covers, go to the Community Patrol web page.

    • Has anyone expressed concern about this program?

      People in other communities have been in touch with us to request information on the Community Smart Patrol. We are very pleased with the widespread acceptance that this program has.

      Update Oct 2007

      The Community Patrol Program has now been expanded to three times its original size. For more information on the expansion and the areas Genesis covers, go to the Community Patrol web page.

    • Do you have plans to offer this service to other communities?

      We predict the Community Smart Patrol will be very well received. People from other communities have already been in contact with us to request information. We hope to extend this service to other communities as people see the value and request it.

      Update Oct 2007

      The Community Patrol Program has now been expanded to three times its original size. For more information on the expansion and the areas Genesis covers, go to the Community Patrol web page.

    • Did you pick this neighborhood because it is well-to-do?

      We chose this neighborhood because it is predominately residential with a mix of small retail businesses supported by the community. Our security is very family-friendly we believe this family-oriented residential neighborhood is a good place to begin our program. Statistics show that, in neighborhoods like this, up to 90 per cent of homes and business have monitored alarm systems.

    • Are you trying to be a private police force?

      We are a fully trained and licensed security company providing security guards dedicated to this neighborhood in support of policing efforts. We will report any suspicious activities to police, assist people in making police reports and support police investigations in any way we can.

    • Are you saying the policing of this community is not adequate?

      We are saying that there is a need for increased security in this neighborhood and others. The recent vandalism of hundreds of vehicles on the west side is an example of how criminal activity can victimize an entire community.

    Security Services FAQ

    • Will your security guards be armed?

      Our security guards are equipped with the latest technology so they can be effective in watching for and reporting suspicious activity along with responding the citizen’s concerns. Specifically, the Smart cars are equipped with GPS as well as front and rear video cameras installed by GlobalView Systems – a security technology specialist company.

    • Will a guard make an arrest?

      Our guards are trained to make arrests and know the legal rights of making a citizen’s arrest. Licensed security guards have no special powers of arrest and are prohibited in using handcuffs or any type of restraining devices. If the guard feels making an arrest could compromise his/her safety our guards will contact 911 and supply them with a detailed description and monitor them for as long as possible or until the police arrive.

    • What will the guard do?

      The Guard or Site Supervisor will be supplied with duties & procedures that have been discussed by both the client and Genesis Security. Every client has unique requirements so it becomes very important to have good communication between the client and us.

    • What type of training do your Security Guards have?

      All licensed security guards must complete a mandatory Basic Security Training course mandated by the Justice Institute of British Columbia. This 64 hour course covers all the necessary information and tools you will need to fulfill your duties as a security guard such as legal matters, note taking, fire suppression systems, alarm systems, verbal communication and conflict resolution. Once they have completed the training they must now apply for a Security License. The applicant must submit recent photos, fingerprints and complete a thorough application form which is regulated by the Solicitor-General in Victoria. The applicant will receive his license only after a criminal record check has been completed.

    • How much do you charge?

      The price will vary because each client has specific requirements. The one size fits all example doesn’t apply to security rates. The rate will depend on what type of service is needed. We will typically do a site walk thru so we can have a good idea of what the client will need and listen to what concerns and ideas the client may have.